Spider Riders

Title:Spider Riders
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Notables: Animation - BEE TRAIN
Original Concept - KIMURA Noboru
R1 License - FUNimation
An 11-year-old boy named Hunter (Steele) is transported to a fantastic underground world of Arachnia, where he teams up with a giant 20-foot spider to help save his friends from the evil and malicious forces of the Invectid. Yah – right – whatever ....

52 TV Episodes
Animation by Bee Train
R1 License by Funimation
Syndicated on (USA) KIDS-WB TV station
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Watch Jan-Chan [series:1435#967]
Yep, this actually is a Japanese anime series that was snapped up by Funimation and then syndicated on the KIDS-WB (US) television station.

Just don’t look for anything interesting or original here! Hey! What can you expect from a series that named their main character Hunter (or Hunter Steele in Funi-dub) and his spider is named Shadow. He gets to run around with Princess Sparkle and rest of the elite spider warriors.

If you are not in the six to twelve age group, then AVOID this series at all costs!! It is just a canned and very formulaic series that steals and rechurns its episode stories from (oh so) many earlier different series.

Having watched (or wasted time watching) two episodes, I can only share that there is absolutely nothing original or of special interest in this series. It is truly a vapid anime series that is certain to score at least a few points with its target audience.

Last updated Saturday, August 26 2006. Created Saturday, August 26 2006.

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