US military uses manga to reach out to Japan

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08/04/2010 11:33 AM

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Here's an interesting story in the news today:

As usual, my guess is that if some genuine talent and originality is employed, the move might do some good. If the quality is mediocre it will probably be scoffed at.

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08/04/2010 01:39 PM

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See also:


08/04/2010 03:37 PM

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I am not surprised ... Given the average quality of the first and 2nd year army recruits, manga (or picture books) might be required to get them to do some book reading... Everything has gone to texting, sexting, blogging and ↗internet slang. The military brass doesn't want to get PWND by the technology....

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08/22/2010 03:55 AM

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It sounds creative to the very least, and I completely agree with stretch, if done right, it could have an effect. Although this does nudge towards a certain population, I don't see a problem with it either way because the effect of this could inform that audience to a pretty high extent, so they will at least consider the current affairs in USA.

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