Bleach - 7: Greeting From a Stuffed Toy

Episode:7: Greeting From a Stuffed Toy
Kisuke, a shady businessman who deals in spirit accessories, assures his little girl helper Ururu that he'll "fix everything" regarding the "Mod (modified) Soul" that she inadvertantly sold to Rukia, and which is now in possession of Ichigo's body. While Rukia and Ichigo are searching for the Mod Soul, Rukia gets a call on her "Spirit Phone" warning her that a Hollow will be appearing nearby--the Mod Soul senses it as well. The Soul protects three grade school boys, and Ichigo arrives just in time to save it from being killed by the Hollow. Afterwards, it explains that it was one of the last Mod Souls created, and was slated to be scrapped the very next day. It survived due to a mix-up, but has asked itself "Why is my life decided by strangers?... So I don't kill, and I don't wanna see anyone die". Kisuke shows up and returns the soul to it's "pill", but Rukia demands he give it to her, since she paid for it. Ichigo is pissed at the soul for injuring his body, and wants to know how to communicate with it now that it is in pill form again. Rukia says it would need to be inserted into a dead, souless body. Since none of those are readily available, the idea occurs to Ichigo to use an abandoned stuffed animal (a lion). It works, and Ichigo names the soul "Kon". Meanwhile, an investigator is assigned to check on Rukia, who has exceeded the time limit for remaining in the human world...
So this is where that toy lion from the OP sequence first appears...

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