Wind: A Breath of Heart TV - 12: [SPOILER] Story issues during the final episode (TV version only)

Title:Wind: A Breath of Heart TV
Episode:12: [SPOILER] Story issues during the final episode (TV version only)
The final episode shows two flashbacks to scenes that were never shown earlier in this TV episodes of the series but feature the two lead characters Makoto and Minamo:

1. There must have been a very emotional scene between Minamo and Makoto, with Minamo revealing her feelings for the boy. This whole sequence scene is part of Special S2.

2. There must have been a sword attack of Hikari against Minamo, with Makoto defending his girlfriend. This whole sequence is part of Special S3.

One more issue: In the middle of episode 12 Hikari still claims not to know what to do as to solve the whole mess. But after Makoto tells her that "feelings can travel" she suddenly claims to have "known the answer all along", and sacrifices her life (a second time, and this time for real) by marking herself as the final sacrifice for the Evil God. Neither do we learn what made her change her mind, nor do we learn why the Red Light (apparently some entity trying to keep this town in its dream) doesn't simply travel into a new host (for example, into Makoto) just as it did when Hikari killed her brother.

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