Comic Party - 7: Hope of the Festival!

Title:Comic Party
Episode:7: Hope of the Festival!
Kazuki goes to the Comic Party convention with copies of his "perfect combination" Doujin. It incorporates elements of every popular style, is twice as long as usual, and even Taishi and Yuu were awed by the concept (though they probably wondered if Kazuki knew what he was doing). "When a Doujinshi author comes to accept the fact that his book doesn't sell", Taishi predicts, "that is when he has a revelation!".
I was surprised to find ComiPa already underway in this episode, since I'd assumed it would be the climactic event in the last couple of episodes (maybe there will be more than one). It was painful watching Kazuki's disappointment and frustration. There really are relatively few strong laughs in Comic Party (how many times will the printer girl's cart go out of control?), rather the entertainment comes mainly from humorous dialogue, educational value, and identifying with the characters.

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