Comic Party - 2: With All Your Heart And Soul

Title:Comic Party
Episode:2: With All Your Heart And Soul
Taishi commandeers Kazuki's home as the classroom for a crash course in doujinshi, taught by himself and Yuu, an artist who Kazuki met at the convention. Mizuki continues to be repelled by the whole idea, but Kazuki decides "It looks like fun so I think it's okay for me to draw it just once"--and finds himself with a deadline on his hands.
Comic Party is very educational for someone like me, who knows next to nothing about doujinshi (for example, Parody = To extract the essence of a famous or existing work, and comically imitate it's style; a parody work for anime is called "Ani-Paro"). My favorite part of this episode was the device Taishi used secretly to familiarize Kazuki with a well-known anime charachter.

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