Comic Party - 1: First Taste of Destiny

Title:Comic Party
Episode:1: First Taste of Destiny
Each of the three main charachters comes away from the doujinshi convention with a different impression: Mizuki is shocked, appalled, and wants nothing more to do with it; Taishi is elated and declares "Yes, doujinshi will become the international basis of culture!", and, despite a not altogether pleasant introduction to the garage industry, Kazuki is left intrigued and curious.
Stretch 6/26/04:
If the quality of succeeding episodes is anything like this one, Comic Party will certainly become one of my favorite series. Lots of memorable lines are spoken by Taishi!
Note to myself: Obnoxious girl with green hair who sold all her dojin before noon = Obai Michi (gotta keep track of names!)

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