3x3 Eyes - 5: Descent

Title:3x3 Eyes
Episode:5: Descent
Yakumo, in disguise, watches a mistic summon up an image of Benares commanding "Friends of the Dark World" to capture all remaining Sanjiyan alive and bring them to him. Back in Japan, Pai is "an ordinary schoolgirl in every way"--except that she sometimes has disturbing dreams in which she feels that someone is calling her "and everything gets dark". In a shopping mall Pai and her friends Ken-Ken and Dawn-chan see what seems to be a homeless beggar looking at a photo of her in a magazine. It is in fact Yakumo, who recognizes her--but she doesn't remember him. Strange things happen in rapid succession, and the next thing she knows Pai is having a vivid dream, "like deja-vu" of herself as a child refusing to follow Lord Kaiyanwan and vowing to fight him. She wakes up in her room, and goes downstairs, where her grandparents and friends are thanking Yakumo for bringing her home. They explain to him how she lost her memory after an accident which killed her parents four years ago. Yakumo and the friends are asked to spend the night there, and later Pai runs into him gazing at the stars. She asks why he approached her at the mall, and how he knew her name. "You've known me for a long time, haven't you?... Who was I before I lost my memory?" Before Yakumo can answer, they are jumped by life-sized animated dolls--but he has learned a good deal about how to be an effective Uu since they last met, and holds his own. Pai observes that strange things have been happening since he showed up, and "I don't want to get involved in anything strange". He reveals that "Your past that you know of was created by someone. Everything is a lie"...
I'm tempted to create a new page for the second 3x3 Eyes OVA, "Legend of the Divine Demon" since this was listed as it's first episode, not "episode 5" of the combined OVAs. Hell, Airbats has no less than three pages devoted to it, and it's only seven episodes long as well. That said, this second OVA seems to have less comedy and more horror to it than the first. As compressed as it is, it's still fun--imagine how great a skillfully handled retelling of the manga (which, I read, was at last count at 30 volumes and still going) would be!

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