3x3 Eyes - 4: Straying

Title:3x3 Eyes
Episode:4: Straying
Yakumo dashes back into the burning, collapsing shrine atop the hotel building, and finds Pai lying on the floor. Someone is watching from amid the fire and smoke as he carries her back to the rooftop where the helicopter is waiting. Two weeks later, the Statue of Humanity is being thoroughly analysed at Miss Huan's estate in an attempt to understand it's powers. Huan has a secret agenda; if Lord Kaiyanwan cannot be resurrected, she intends to make Pai into his replacement. While out shopping together, Pai, Yakumo and Meishin encounter the mysterious red-eyed man, who Pai identifies as "Benares", Kaiyanwan's Uu. Afterwards, Yakumo is troubled by how infinitely stronger than himself Benares was, even though they are both Uus. A possesed Meishin attempts to steal the statue. She fails, but a message is conveyed from Benares, demanding that Pai deliver the statue to Aberdeen alone, or else her friends will be killed. Pai reveals to Yakumo the story behind Lord Kaiyanwan, and why the Sanjiyan are virtually extinct. "Let's fight him, Yakumo!" she urges. "Will we kill Benares, or will he kill us?"...
Miss Huan's ears were too weird for her to have been one of the good guys! The animation is surprisingly cheesy for such a classy series--lots of still shots, or shots where very little moves. This first OVA ("Immortals") ends on a major cliffhanger--what happened to Pai? Was Benares destroyed? (not likely). What about Huan's plot? What about Kaiyanwan himself? I read 3x3 Eyes was the result of a lengthy manga seriously compressed into an OVA series. maybe it will be redone someday in a more lengthy and technically superior form, to do the original manga justice.

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