3x3 Eyes - 3: Sacrifice

Title:3x3 Eyes
Episode:3: Sacrifice
Ling-Ling has notified Yakumo and Pai that she has located the Statue of Humanity, but when they arrive back at her office in Hong Kong, she's not there. A woman dressed in a cape arrives and demands to know who they are. When Pai carelessly mentions that they've come for the statue, the girl goes ballistic--and she's a skilled martial artist. Eventually she calms down enough to offer what's left of the statue in exchange for her missing brother, Steve Lon. Just then MIBs burst into the room and another smackdown ensues. The strange men make off with the piece of the statue that the girl, Meishin, had. Pai remains calm--she explains that she has dispatched Takuhi to trail them. Meishin explains that her brother recently went missing along with Ling-Ling. Pai determines that the thieves have gone to the 32nd floor of a hotel--and that Steve Lon is there, and has been severely tortured. Initially, the employees at the hotel insist there is no 32nd floor, but eventually the group is granted access--because someone has plans for Meishin...
"This is crazy!" I said to myself during the climactic fight scene. Crazy in a good way, that is--otherwise it might be too disturbing. A mix of the occult, action and comedy--Wild! On the other hand, it didn't seem to "flow" as well as the last episode--it got confusing at times, and sort of anti-climactic at the end. In short, there were some really neat touches but in a disorganized manner. If the head "Demon" here was surprised to learn of the existence of a second Sanjiyan, how did the "Frog Demon" know about Pai in the last episode?

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