Aquarian Age - 5: Sparkling-White Inevitability (Senpaku no hitsuzen)

Title:Aquarian Age
Episode:5: Sparkling-White Inevitability (Senpaku no hitsuzen)
Kiriko asks her senpai Asumi to get her an autograph from Kyouta; Asumi hesitates but then Yui casts a spell on her from afar, and the girl begins to hit on Kyouta herself. Rumiko tells Kyouta she knows about the supernatural battles the boy has seen, and demands he must stay away from Yoriko or else something terrible will happen. Yui`s minions attack Asumi and Kyouta; when Kyouta holds the crying girl in his arms, a photograph of this scene published in the newspapers on the next day causes a scandal.

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