Aquarian Age - 3: Cloudy-Red Melancholy (Dakuseki no yuu'utsu)

Title:Aquarian Age
Episode:3: Cloudy-Red Melancholy (Dakuseki no yuu'utsu)
Misato offers T.L.System a contract which Kyouta's parents permit; Yoriko's career at university clashes with the fate Rumiko has in mind for her cousin. Misato has already arranged the band's debut in a live radio show; Kyouta invites Yoriko to come along but Misato treats her coldly, telling her that she will protect the band from "bad influence and scandals". After the live performance a fan crowd waits in front of the radio station; when they notice the band leaving via the back door Kyouta and Yoriko take a run, only to be dragged into a waiting car by a beautiful woman.

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