Full Metal Panic ~Fumoffu~ Special - 2: Hostility That Crossed Paths

Title:Full Metal Panic ~Fumoffu~ Special
Episode:2: Hostility That Crossed Paths
As the lunch bell rings, Chirori races to buy a lunch. She scores the food she wants but Sosuke is unsure about what to do. She encourages him to be confident, so he pulls a gun to clear the crowd. As a result, the lunch lady is hurt which forces Chidori and Sosuke to take up the duties of selling lunches. Kogure-sensei, the school's P.E. coach, doesn't think that this is right and feels that Sosuke needs to be taken down a few pegs. Unfortunately, Kogure-sensei is ill-prepared for a battle with Sosuke, even a covert one.
(AstroNerdBoy -- 17 Dec 2003)

In volume 1 of the manga, this is the funniest chapter. It goes over well in the anime and is laugh out loud funny!

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