Onegai Teacher - 9: Mou, Owari ni Shiyou

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:9: Mou, Owari ni Shiyou
(Let's End This Already)

Koishi attempts to get over being rejected by Kei. She puts on a brave face, but Ichigo knows better and is not happy that her efforts to bring the two together have failed. After a confrontation with Kei, he discovers that she has the same disease that he has. Instead of being 15, she's actually 21! Because of this, Kei comes to a decision.
(AstroNerdBoy 03/08/2003)

Making one of Kei's friends have the same disease as he has was a shocker. I didn't see that coming, even though Ichigo was the most mature of the group. However, what surprised me most was Kei's response. To make Ichigo not withdraw again, Kei decides to leave Mizuho and start a relationship with Koishi. Since both of them share a secret disease, I felt that Kei would have been better served letting Ichigo know about his relationship to Mizuho but that's just me.

[2007-09-30, Devil Doll:]
What a setback of Kei's development! He had just accepted that living up to his own dreams may hurt other people's feelings and decided to hurt Koishi for Mizuho's and his own happiness. And now he throws away everything he has, most notably "the only person he has" (quotation of Kei during the crucial scene!) for the sake of Ichigo whom he hardly knows, with no other explanation than this mysterious illness? Does that make sense to anybody? Even more so as Kei correctly stated that Ichigo must move forward on her own instead of just watching other people?
We're deep in drama territory now, which I usually like. It's just that I consider the whole illness arc artificial and merely used to destroy the peace we had after episode 8. Had Kei decided that he wouldn't have a future together with Mizuho due to different lifespan or sexual incompatibility or whatnot, I could have accepted all of this. But making himself and Mizuho unhappy for something that can't possibly work?! I'm afraid we're back in the nonsense decision area of the first 7 episodes.

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