Onegai Teacher - 8: Nagai Yoru

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:8: Nagai Yoru
(A Long Night)

Ichigo continues to encourage Koishi in her pursuit of the elusive Kei and Koishi decides to confess her love to Kei. She calls him and arranges to meet him. She wears a sexy outfit, musters up her courage, and confesses to him. Kei has to reject her much to her dissappointment saying he has someone else but can't say who.

Meanwhile, the other male in the group Matagu decides to confess his love to Mizuho! He arranges a meeting with her at the same time that Koishi and Kei meet!

After Kei leaves Koishi, he runs to where Matagu and Mizuho are. Matagu lost his nerve and they are only studying outside.

When Mizuho and Kei get home, Mizuho invites Kei into her futon...the couple having used seperate futons up to that point. Kei accepts.
(AstroNerdBoy 03/08/2003)

This was another outstanding episode. I hurt inside when Kei had to turn Koishi down. She couldn't understand it at all and I don't blame her. Under normal circumstances, I'm sure she and Kei would have been a couple. But by now, Kei has come to love Mizuho a great deal and handles rejecting Koishi's love as best as could be expected. And I liked the episodes end -- Mizuho inviting Kei into her futon and his acceptance. The animator's didn't show anything (thankfully), but I felt positive that they finally consumated their relationship. Just wonderful!

[2007-09-29, Devil Doll:]
Now this is a completely different series! No more slapstick, no more lies, no more misunderstandings - finally the character interaction is the sole focus of this show. Couldn't this series have been like this right from the beginning?
Kei's reply to Koishi was tactful and diplomatic, showing how mature the boy has become. Mizuho arranging the meeting (as to tease Kei for accepting Koishi's request for a talk) was very nice. And as Kei is now sure whom he wants once and for all he's ready to take the next step.

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