Onegai Teacher - 4: Yappari Sukikamo

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:4: Yappari Sukikamo
(I May Love You After All)

Kei and Mizuho may be husband and wife on paper, but as far as Kei is concerned, that's it. Mizuho however treats her wedding vows very seriously. When Ichigo sets up her friend Koishi on a date with Kei (both having been told this was to be a group thing), Mizuho finds herself suddenly jealous when she sees the two of them together thinking it was a date all along.

Since Koishi has had a huge crush on Kei, she's happy to spend time with him. Mizuho stalks to couple everywhere they go until she gets busted by Kei. Since she can't reveal her relationship with Kei to Koishi, she has to try to play it off why she's concerned the pair are together. Kei gets very cold to Mizuho and continues his date with Koishi.
(AstroNerdBoy -- 03/08/2003)

Another really good episode. Kei is acting like a normal teenager. He obviously likes Koishi and had he not seen Mizuho's arrival on Earth, maybe the two of them would have been a couple. I think he would have gone for Koishi. However that's not what happened.

Despite the fact that Mizuho and Kei have not gotten together in a Biblical sense, she treats her marriage to Kei as more than simply a vehicle for her to stay undercover. She feels that Kei shouldn't be dating other women if he's married to her and she's right. Kei's cold attitude toward Mizuho let me know for sure that this wasn't just some teacher/student fantasy tale. This was really an exploration of married life.
[2007-09-29, Devil Doll:]
I understand Kei quite well - but I'm not happy with this episode either. Why on earth would Mizuho feel jealous at this stage of the story? Kei was forced into the marriage after all, Mizuho herself should feel no more than gratefulness and respect for Kei, and she should understand that Kei has to act reasonably towards his friends for the mere sake of keeping Mizuho's secret which was the reason for their marriage in the first place! Mizuho's actions are based on a misunderstanding (believing that Kei and Koishi both wanted this date instead of being tricked into it) which is another weak premise for this episode: Lies, misunderstandings, weak excuses, and more lies - this doesn't allow for any decent story.
By the way, until now Kei didn't even ask Mizuho how long she will be on earth according to her observation task! Imagine Mizuho returning to her home planet... what would Kei tell his friends and family about it? Isn't there any reasonable character in this show?

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