Tenchi Muyou! GXP - 25: Graduation

Title:Tenchi Muyou! GXP
Episode:25: Graduation
As graduation day approaches, Seina moves back into his dormroom. Amane, Kiriko, Ryoko and Neige each daydream of romance with him. Airi tells them that Washu has concluded that the presence of the four of them somehow converts Seina's bad luck into good luck, so she's considering assigning them all to work together after Seina graduates. Later Seina is incredulous to be summoned to a meeting with Seto and Juraian royalty. He is informed of some astonishing conclusions that have been reached regarding his exploits with the statue/giant robot in the last episode. Seina has once again become a very important person, and as a result Airi is sent to visit each of the girls and get a hint of their intentions regarding him...
Damn, this major plot twist actually makes sense and I understand it! That doesn't happen very often as I near the end of a series. I'm intrigued and looking forward to the final episode. This one was also really funny, quite a change from the action-packed last episode.

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