Tenchi Muyou! GXP - 24: Parallel...!?

Title:Tenchi Muyou! GXP
Episode:24: Parallel...!?
As Tarrant Shank's forces attack the village of the dog-like local people, Seina has taken refuge in a cavern with them. There he is told of the legend that whenever evil forces threaten the village again, "a hero will appear and our god will revive following a burst of flames!". As villagers are killed or injured by Shank's men, Seina becomes outraged, and somehow the colossal device which they worship simultaneously activates, which leads them to conclude that Seina must be the legendary hero...
This would be a lot easier to write if it hadn't been several months since I watched the last episode! Though by no means grim, the tone of the show has gotten somewhat more serious than the usual slap-happy episodes.

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