Noir - 2: Daily Bread

Episode:2: Daily Bread
A bomb explodes in the home of a French detective, killing him and his family. He was in fact a member of the top-secret "National Anti-Terror Unit", and the fact that his identity became known to terrorists does not bode well for the unit's future. For Noir, however, the result is, as Mirielle puts it, "Hmm... we have a job offer"...
Stretch 3/11/05:
Going in to this episode, the question on my mind was "are Mirielle and Kirika the 'good guys'--I mean 'girls'?" Why should I sympathize with professional assasins? Only if A)The people they kill arguably deserve to die, or B)They cannot help doing what they do (i.e. they have been brainwashed). In this episode, clause 'A' definitely applies, and maybe 'B' as well--only time will tell. An intriguing quote: "There's no fool like a ferocious dog that's blindingly loyal to it's master"--was this a reference to Kirika and/or Mirielle?
Though a lot of people get blown away, I have yet to see a drop of blood anywhere, or a bullethole in a body--quite different from the last assasin anime I watched, Kite!

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