Marmalade Boy - 10: Our First Night; Surprise in the Bathroom

Title:Marmalade Boy
Episode:10: Our First Night; Surprise in the Bathroom
Surprise! The Koishikawas and the Matsuuras are off to Hawaii again. Unfortunately they forgot to tell Yuu and Miki who now have to spend several days together with no parental supervision.
My favorite episode thus far. The interaction of Yuu an Miki is great. I love it when characters actually have definable personalities. It is a joy to watch Miki shop and try to cook. And wow, if she slaps Yuu one more time the poor kid is gonna get a blood clot (you can sure tell she plays tennis!). Admittedly, this could be quite boring to those whose tastes turn more to non-stop (or heck, any) action.

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