Aa! Megami-sama OVA 2011 - 1: Forever Together (Itsumo Futari de)

Title:Aa! Megami-sama OVA 2011
Episode:1: Forever Together (Itsumo Futari de)
The reminiscent amusement part where Belldandy once was with Keiichi is announced be closing down for good. So Keiichi and Belldandy go back there for one last time, to finally have time for them alone. But the mere announcement of this "date" by Keiichi had some side effect already, causing an unexpected problem for the Earth Goddess Helpline. Both Urd and Skuld wonder what the real event might lead to: Could this date question the very existence of the goddesses on Earth?
[2011-02-25, Devil Doll: 73% = minimum "Rent-"]
While avoiding the usual pitfalls of this franchise, this release presents a surprisingly simple story compared to the other OVAs - an arbitrary filler episode of the second season, repeating the "nothing ever happens" pattern of the franchise.
  • Pros: The (well-known) antagonist is a nice touch. The OP song is fine. Technical attributes are all in the "high" range. Belldandy even shows a hint of the tech-nerd she was in the manga (but not in most of the anime so far). Skuld is not killing the show. And one "magic line" is being spoken this time. So why am I not happy with this release?
  • Cons: The cameos were boring, just listing a number of persons we know from before but none of them added anything to the show. But more importantly, the story looks shallow. Things just happen for no particular reason and are said to have immense consequences now. What exactly did happen that made Belldandy react this way? And why wasn't that the case much earlier? The whole romance element goes to waste due to the special circumstances. Belldandy suddenly becomes a complete failure, showing nothing of her strength; Keiichi twice fumbles embarrassingly, then suddenly musters his courage after practically being prompted his text. There's also this one unexplained event with the prince but there's still a second episode to take care of this.

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