Heppoko Jiken Animation Excel Saga - 11: Withdrawl! Springtime of Youth!

Title:Heppoko Jiken Animation Excel Saga
Episode:11: Withdrawl! Springtime of Youth!
This time, Excel and Hyatt are sent out to investigate the local education system. As a result, both are made substitute teachers at Excel's old high school. The fun begins as the class they are given is filled with 50's-style juvenile delinquents. These guys are only interested in one thing -- seeing their teachers naked. After taking much abuse, Excel extracts a set of metal claws and rakes the chalk board, causing the class to come into submission.

Seeing how quickly our heroines bring order to chaos, the baseball team's coach Esop (who has a large head) approaches them about coaching the baseball team. He needs help because he has a horrible anal disease, something Excel figures out and confronts him with. This causes Esop to have to sit on a toilet in the middle of the practice field and take a dump. When Excel politely refuses to help, Coach Esop pulls out his trump card -- he's also a scorcerer who can put a curse on them. The curse? Whenever Hyatt or Excel attempt to use a public restroom, there will be no toilet paper for them to use. They will be forced to wipe using manga magazines left in the stall(s), especially the magazine which features "Excel Saga". Hyatt determines that Esop wiping with said manga is why he has this horrible anal disease...but I digress.

After Hyatt sweetly offers the team a glass of tomatoe juice, they quickly do whatever Excel asks and are in fighting form in no time. It is then that Excel discovers that the team only has eight players.

The missing ninth player is the former star pitcher named Binbo (pronounced like "bean ball") -- which means "poor". Ah, but Binbo is anything but poor, dropping ¥500,000 (or ¥5,000,000) on the ground without even blinking. It seems that Binbo threw a bean ball in an important game and he never lived it down. Now, he hangs out at an arcade with his giant hairdo that sticks out in front of him by 50 feet (or so) and which has an anime doll attached to the end of it.

After Esop, Excel, and Hyatt confront Binbo, it is the day of the big game. Binbo hasn't shown up yet, though Esop feels positive he will. In the meantime, Excel will have to pitch in this important game. And their opponents are...a team of monkeys! Ah, but Excel is up to the challenge and 8 innings go by in a flash (even though "monkey magic" is employed. With the score still 0-0, Binbo finally shows up to relieve Excel, having had a change of heart and promptly loses the game 100-0!

Today's experiment...Failed!
This is (IMO) the funniest episode of the series! Every time I watch it, I laugh and laugh until my sides hurt. I think the fansub done by Slow As Hell Anime is the best, and certainly better than ADV's translation (both English dub and subtitles). Even if you get the English dub DVD, it's still very good, though the play on Binbo's name (bean ball) is dropped.

If you've made it through the first 10 episodes, you have just GOT to see number 11!

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