Saber Marionette J - 3: Program 3: With Cherry Flavor

Title:Saber Marionette J
Episode:3: Program 3: With Cherry Flavor
At least, the bad guy of the series appear, the Germania Fuhrer Faust, is at the war council, with his three Marionettes with virgin circuits, the same ones that destroy the thieves in Japones, Tiger, Lynx and Panther. Faust decided to invade the city of Petersburg. The shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, ruler of Japones is talking to the press, saying that he doesn't approve the invasion of Germania to Petersburg. Panther gets really mad, ad decide go to Japones to kill him. Meanwhile, our friends are in the annual castle fair, and Lime accidentally meets Ieyasu, but she didn't recognize him. Later she accidentally again shut on an alarm by taking national treasure, a really weird vase. The guards look how Lime stars playing with the vase, until finally she drops it, and it breaks into to pieces, Hanagata tries to fix it up, he drops it and it breaks into a million pieces. Baikou and Tamasaburou begin chasing them around the castle, and Otaru thinks that he heard a voice of a woman. Finally the get rid out of the royal guards (well, Otaru made Hanagata fall into the ground, and the guards take him while he and Lime escape) and they found Ieyasu, and Otaru recognize him and he forgive them for the vase matter. Just when they are going back, Panther appears and tries to kill the shogun. Otaru blocks her but he's threw away into a wall and he hurts his arm. Now Lime is really angry and attacks Panther, but she made her crash into another wall and attacks Otaru, threw him against the bathroom, landing above a capsule. Lime cames back and attacks Panther, hurting her in the arm. Suddenly the whole room is enlighten in pink, and a new Marionette appears, and when she sees Otaru she just says Master, then he attacks Panther, almost destroying her arm, and Panther has to escape. Otaru leaves the castle with Lime and his new friend the Marionette called Cherry. Far, far away from Japones, Faust is looking Panther, he makes a sign with his hand and a black thunder hit Panther, and she begs for mercy.
The identity of the three mysterius Marionettes is solved, they are the Marionettes of Faust, Fuhrer of Germania, Tiger, Lynx and Panther.

Otaru founds his new Marionette, Cherry.
And the picture is the lovely Cherry.

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