Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star - 25: Maze of Despair

Title:Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Episode:25: Maze of Despair
Scattered within the dreamlike environment of the mysterious gigantic cylinder rotating in space (or perhaps transported to another dimension from it), the key charachters try to find their way to the gateway that leads to the Galactic Leyline. As their various paths converge, fights break out and Gene must decide whether to risk using his special Caster Shells.
This is where things get really weird. Suzuka faces off against a bizarre opponent, and Gene fires a Caster Shell that has a literally awesome effect. In this episode it's hard to say exactly what has and hasn't happened, but it seemed to me that the MacDougall brothers (who it had seemed were being carefully protected from harm by the show's writers up 'til now) well, let's say they took a lot more damage than I was expecting. A cliff-hanger ending leaves us in suspense for the final episode. My grade: B+

My favorite line: "A number nine? Do those even exist?" --Ron MacDougall

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