Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star - 22: Gravity Jailbreak

Title:Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Episode:22: Gravity Jailbreak
Dr. Gwen Khan has effectively taken Melfina hostage, having deactivated her with a codeword and being the only one who knows how to restart her. He will do this only if Gene agrees to enter an infamous prison on a high gravity planet, and persuade a certain inmate to share with him the coordinates of the Galactic Leyline.
You often see zero gravity being depicted in sci-fi anime, but high gravity was an intriguing and original idea. Unfortunately, I don't think it was used all that well. Half the time the show's makers seemed to have forgotten about it altogether, and there were no visible effects on the prisoners. Instead of the usual fist fight, why not show one in which each prisoner acts as if he has heavy weights attached to every part of his body? The plot was relatively simplistic and predictable. The method Gene used to finally escape from the planet left me scratching my head and doubting if it was really scientifically possible. My grade: C+

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