Shin Seiki Evangelion - 22: At Least, Be Humane

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:22: At Least, Be Humane
Asuka's performance as an Eva pilot is slipping as she sulks in anger and self-hatred. She cannot tolerate being outperformed by either Shinji or Rei, and despises them both. Another Angel appears, and an extraordinary weapon is called into play to deal with it...
"If you don't open your mind to her, your Eva won't move" --Rei

I presume the soul of Asuka's mother, who either killed herself, went insane, or both, is contained within Unit 02, but Asuka is unaware of this. For a moment I thought Rei was about to explain this to her, but it didn't happen. Notice how Rei refers to the Eva in a feminine manner. Would the soul of a pilot's father work as well?

[Devil Doll: You're most likely right about Sohryu Kyouko Zeppelin as the soul in EVA-02. But if you refer to the elevator scene then no, IMHO Rei doesn't refer to the EVA as "she" ("kanojo") in the Japanese version. This must be an interpretation of the English translation. I don't think Gendou ever considered trying a father as soul in an EVA as this would put himself in the critical position...]

"We cannot allow Unit 01 to be touched by an Angel" --Gendo

Because that would set off the Third Impact? Or has Unit 01 become so valuable as a result of "awakening" that Gendo doesn't want to risk it?

[Devil Doll: Some angels have the ability to fuse with an EVA, like the one who took over EVA-03 or the one who took over EVA-00 in episode 23. Gendou can't afford to give any Angel control over EVA-01 which not only is his tool for causing the Third Impact but more importantly contains Yui's soul whom Gendou wants to be reunited with.]

"Use the Lance of Longinus?! You can't do that Ikari!" --Fuyutsuki

"Ikari, it's too early to use the Lance!" --Fuyutsuki

"You've just been looking for a convenient excuse, haven't you?" --Fuyutsuki

Just what is the "Lance of Longinus"? It seemed as if it was being used to pin Adam in place, but it's removal didn't set Adam free. Why does Fuyutsuki (who seems to have been released by SEELE) feel it's "too early" to use it? Was it being saved for a special task? Why is Gendo so eager to employ it?

[Devil Doll: While never being explained in detail, the Lance of Longinus appears to be a mandatory tool in the SEELE scenario to cause the Third Impact (and you'll see it return to earth in EOE during Asuka's battle). Removing it from the scenario (by using it to destroy the 15th Angel) makes SEELE aware that Gendo has his own agenda and his own scenario for causing the Third Impact, and that's too early for NERV to show as they have to handle two more Angels (which they know from the Dead Sea Scrolls). Note that the White Giant below NERV's headquarter is Lilith, not Adam (who's embedded into Gendou's hand already); you made the same mistake as Misato did (who was probably misinformed by Kaji, just like SEELE was). Note that this mix-up causes a critical contradiction in episode 24 Director's Cut that I have no explanation for...]

"But I thought if Adam and Eva were to come into contact it would cause the Third Impact... So, that story was another lie. But if contact with an Angel didn't cause the Second Impact, what did?" --Misato

Yeah, that's what I wanna know, too! It sounds like Misato considers the Lance to be a part of Adam, and bringing it into contact with an Angel would have the same effect as the Angel touching Adam itself.

[Devil Doll: There's no proof that the Lance of Longinus has anything to do with Adam. All we know about what caused the Second Impact is shown in the Director's Cut of episode 21: The Red Cross Book states that the Second Impact was the result of shrinking Adam into its embryo form before the other Angels awakened.]

"The Committee has already begun to mass produce Evas" --Gendo

Because it has lost confidence in Gendo and NERV, and wants Evas for itself? But the Committee is only a puppet of SEELE, right?

[Devil Doll: Yes. SEELE indirectly commands those mass produced EVAs that don't need pilots nor umbilical cables because they have their own S2 engines plus dummy plugs. But more importantly, the series EVAs will form the Tree Of Life in EOE during the Third Impact.]

"After all, it is not acceptable to lose Unit 02 at this time" --Gendo

Is there something special about Unit 02? Or is he just referring to the fact that NERV is running out of fully operational Evas?

[Devil Doll: It is acceptable to lose Units 00 and 02 in the long run, just not with two more Angels missing. Note that Gendou would protect EVA-01 more than anything else in case of extreme danger, because EVA-01 is his way to be reunited with Yui which is the one most important goal in Gendou's life now.]

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