Trigun - 3: Peace Maker

Episode:3: Peace Maker
While visiting Warren City, home of the renowned gunsmith Frank Marlin, Vash meets a pathetic drunkard.
Stretch: What do Meryl and Milly learn about the mysterious Vash the Stampede in this episode? For a while they believe an ordinary bandit who claims to be Vash. In contrast, Vash himself behaves in a way that leads Meryl to exclaim "He's actually dumber than I thought! This guy is unbelievable!". Vash's behavior could be interpreted as either highly courageous, or just plain foolhardy.
I think this episode got it's name from the 19th century Colt .45 revolver which was called the "Peacemaker". Another critic made the comment that the ending of this episode seemed to have been written by the NRA!

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