Trigun - 18: Goodbye For Now

Episode:18: Goodbye For Now
Devastated by his failure to prevent the destruction of Augusta, Vash is now in hiding in Kasted City under the name "Erix". But even though he seems to have shaken off the Gung-Ho Guns for the time being, trouble of a more conventional sort continues to dog him, in this case a band of outlaws.
In this episode Vash makes the comment that "I could've destroyed the entire planet with that angel arm of mine"--which suggests just how powerful he really is. He also says his memory of just what happened at Augusta has lapsed, just like after the incident at July. On the "Absolute Anime" website I found an intriguing profile of Legato Bluesummers, which claimed that Knives shot off Vash's original left arm (and if you carefully watch a flashback clip in this episode, you'll see it happen) then transplanted it onto Legato, which somehow gave Legato his telekinetic abilities and the capability to control Vash's "Angel Arm". That makes some sense, if true (I never would've figured it out on my own). Getting back to the episode in question, how the hell did Vash and Wolfwood survive walking into a literal hail of bullets as they took on the outlaw gang? Vash may be virtually indestructible, but surely Wolfwood would have been transformed into Swiss cheese!

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