Ouran Koko Host Club - 1:

Title:Ouran Koko Host Club
The very rich do strange things to amuse themselves. At Haruhi’s new school, there is a ‘Host Club’ which caters to female students by offering them tea, cakes and pretty boys to flirt with.

When Haruhi first walks into the Host Club, he is easily identified as being an ugly duckling of a commoner. But with the assistance of the members of the club, he finds himself quickly transformed into a handsome new host (but one with a few special complications.)

But with the wide range of pretty boys to cater to any of their guest’s fancies, just where will Haruhi fit in?

Left to right – top down.....

The first picture is the reformed or transformed Haruhi.

The blond Tamaki-kun is the ever-popular King of the Host Club.

There are the devilish twins, Hikaru and Kaoru (who specialize in scandalizing their guests with their displays of brotherly love), and cool & calculating Kyouya-kun, who is also the vice president.

The dark haired Mori-kun is certain to appeal to any wild-boy fancies, while Honey-kun has all of the loli-shota bases covered.

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