Planetes - 5: Fly Me To The Moon...

Episode:5: Fly Me To The Moon...
Tanabe is excited about a four day trip to the moon along with Fee and Hachimaki--at least until her wallet disappears, that is. Also aboard the tourship is a couple and their little girl, Xia. The parents are at the end of their rope financially, and have decided to take desperate measures. Hachimaki stumbles upon an illicit film crew shooting a sleazy movie without permission--and is drafted to play one of the parts. Later, the couple has lost track of Xia, and Tanabe volunteers both herself and Hachimaki to help them search for her. The father finds that he, too, has lost something important--some "medicine". Chensin, the ship's co-pilot, is shown some footage that was confiscated from the movie crew, and which by chance caught something illegal going on...
It was hard to write the synopsis without giving too much away, as three subplots--movie crew, Xia's family, and a certain other person--become intricately intertwined. If you're as bright as I am (and that's not saying a whole lot) you'll realize what's going on with this "third party" pretty quickly. Surely the best moment happened when the three all came together in the climactic scene, and the movie director recognized an opportunity. The tactic that was used to solve the problem was kind of neat, too.

From AstroNerdBoy: Xia is such a scene stealer in this episode. Man, I couldn't help but fall in love with this little girl, which makes the episode more impactful considering the storyline around her. Her love of space really matches Hachi's love, which made her addressing him as "oniichan" even more adorable to me. The only strange thing about this episode is the "cell phone" passenger ship. Seriously, it looks like a flip-top cell phone that's been opened 90º, so it really feels cheesy. But considering the realism of the rest of the series, I suppose this ship design might be best for the runs between the space stations in Earth orbit and the moon.

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