Planetes - 3: Return Orbit

Episode:3: Return Orbit
Tanabe learns that "this time of year" insurance salespersons are everywhere aboard the station, mercilessly hounding employees to sign up for their plans. Also, everyone must fill out a will. She is appalled at the cartoonish will Hachimaki compiles, and demands that he redo it (several people interpret their argument in a strange way). Pestered by a certain insurance saleswoman again, Tanabe argues that the most important thing to leave to loved ones isn't money. Chensin finds her approach charming, but Hachimaki doesn't see it that way. He admits he doesn't know what he wants to leave behind. The section chief and his assistant come up with a novel way to avoid being tormented by the insurance agents. While at work in space, Fee calls Hachimaki, Tanabe and Yuri and asks them to work overtime to collect some debris which has gotten caught by Earth's gravity. She expects junk metal that a research organization wants, but in fact the team finds a remarkable artifact drifting in space...
It's neat the way this "artifact" puts a new spin on attitudes towards life insurance and wills. On the other hand, it's hard to believe Tanabe hasn't gotten sacked yet for her disobedient behavior--she must belong to a union...

From AstroNerdBoy: This was the episode that had Ai annoying me a lot. However, she had to pay for her idealism which made it OK with me. Indeed, after this, she was never really annoying to me again.

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