Planetes - 2: Like A Dream

Episode:2: Like A Dream
Tanabe walks in on the other members of Debris Section performing a good luck ritual before a lottery drawing. She learns that Hachimaki hopes to own a spacecraft someday, and has kept a notebook full of ideas to help him achieve this goal. Later, while being individually trained by Hachimaki, she meets Chensin, an old friend of his who arrived aboard the space station at the same time. When Chensin recieves a promotion to co-pilot of passenger shuttles, Hachimaki is angry that his own dream seems to be going nowhere, and gets into a fight. After getting knocked out, he dreams of a frightening experience from his own first mission. Later, the debris section is briefed on a tricky job, the recovery of a small planet probe--Hachimaki is all too familiar with tasks like this. He is dispirited, but Tanabe is annoyed at his "sulky" attitude. "I thought you were going to try hard until you got yourself a spaceship" she remarks. "You'll soon realize that there are some dreams that can be accomplished" he replies, "and others that are just that--dreams"...
Somehow the fact that I'm neither a physicist nor an astronaut myself, and don't know exactly what's going on during the debris recovery missions, makes them more exciting and intriguing--you'd think it would have the opposite effect. Perhaps it makes it easier to "suspend disbelief" and get into this show. That said, it seems somehow too "convenient" that in all the vastness of space, a screw-up somehow puts the probe on a collision course with a certain spacecraft. But it didn't spoil the episode by any means, and I like the way things worked out.

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