Planetes - 1: Outside the Atmosphere

Episode:1: Outside the Atmosphere
Tanabe Ai's idealistic presuppositions about the nature of astronauts and working in space take a series of hits as she finds herself assigned to the Debris Section (or "Half Section", as it is derisively known by the other departments). Almost before she knows it, she finds herself suited up and at work in outer space...
A few screen snaps of Tanabe Ai and her first impressions of the Debris Section,
when she first reports for her new position. She finds herself having to report to
a gruff Hachimaki, as he begins to teach her how to safely pilot the debris
recovery sleds that the team uses when in space.


Somebody definitely did some homework about the technical details of this series. The naive-girl-in-space angle sort of reminds me of Gunbuster, while the slipshod quality of Half Section reminds me of Wings of Honneamise. The eccentric behavior of the section workers and Tanabe's own idealism seemed a bit overdone, but overall a fun introduction that leaves me intrigued.

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