Shuffle! - 4: Roasted Egg of Happiness

Episode:4: Roasted Egg of Happiness
Nerine Episode
Nerine and Rin-Kun are cleaning the classroom. It's obvious that she has a major attraction to him. (Flashback to when they were hanging out as children) On the way home they bump into some guys who are talking about how Rin-Kun is such a player for having the school Princess Kaede as well as having the real Princesses Sia and Rin-Chan after him. Nerine gets so pissed that she blows up the 2 guys as well as the school gym which was nearby. The kings bail them out from the Sensei by promising the clean up each every time the school gets destroyed.

The next day Rin-Kun and his friend are comparing grades where they both scored over 90%, but it turns out that Sia and Mayumi (Gray haired girl) both failed their exams and want Nerine to blow the school up to hide their shame (hehe.) Later while they are eating they decide to have a Sunday picnic where everyone brings a lunch and they will all share.

Nerine is too ashamed to tell them that she can't cook so she secretly takes lessons. Primula (Rim-chan) is also taking lessons from Kaede. For some reason she likes wearing Rin-Kun's shirts as a pajama.

At the end, Nerine learns one of the most simplest foods to make (Scrambled Egg - I don't care it says omelette, to an American an omelette has more than just eggs in it). And it turns out to be Rin-Kun's most favorite food. We also discover that Asa-Chan (Green hair) has a crush on Rin-Kun.
We knew already that Asa-Chan had the hots for Rin but did anyone catch that the doll that Primula carries in the shirt scene is the SAME doll as in the flashback scene? (Panel 1 & 2) Oh my! Does that mean Primula is related to Nerine in some more intimate way (It was suggested earlier that Primula and Nerine know each other).

Now I understand what Nerine brings to the table. She is a major magic user (Sia is not). I was wondering what besides a horrid VA was she worth.

It only got 1 Forbin laugh this episode (The omelette scene - Panel 4) but that is to be expected as this one was more on the drama than laugh.

Animation was good/very good throughout up to the Asa/Nerine scene. Then it went WAY down and almost hit last weeks level. Damn that inbetweener sucks so bad. I really think he got fired from Negima/Xebec and got a job with this crew. :( Triangle Face strikes again! (Panel 3)

[2007-09-12, Devil Doll:]
Ten years ago the gates between the worlds opened, and from this time on both Gods and Demons immigrated into our world. Two years later both Sia and Nerine visited earth and got to know Rin-kun. And apparently both Demons and God age with the same speed as humans do.
But... what about Mayumi? She's obviously about 16 years old (as she's a classmate of Rin, Sia and Nerine), and she claims to be "only a half demon" when she asks Nerine to blow up the school. So something interesting must have happened about seven years before the Opening of the Gates.

As for the doll, Primula carried one on her way from the gambling house to Rin's house and it's not absolutely clear whether this was an old doll or whether Rin decided to use his money for Primula there (who obviously tried to get a new doll there).

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