Kodomo no Omocha - 85: Dialogue That Cannot be Spoken

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:85: Dialogue That Cannot be Spoken
Naozumi's new manager, Riho, warns him that he must not "Lose to Sana-chan", who she feels is upstaging him. "Is it okay to let Sana-chan stand in the spotlight all the time?" she asks. At a press conference about the school soap opera they will be starring in, Sana is asked if she's embarrassed to play Naozumi's lover. She says no, not at all, "because we can act according to our true feelings, right, Naozumi-kun?". Naozumi replies that he thinks one's private and professional lives shouldn't mix, and from a professional standpoint Sana "will always be my rival". Sana is initially startled, but concludes she likes Naozumi even more as a result of the comment. Rei urges Sana to be more careful with her own comments, since at one point she urged the screenwriter to hurry up and complete the script. Fuka has asked Tsuyoshi if Hayama really was such a bad kid in elementary school, and was told about his troubles with his sister and how Sana was largely responsible for turning him around. She apologized to Hayama about their argument at the amusement park, but he said he needed to concentrate on earning his karate black belt and wouldn't be able to see her for awhile. At school Fuka apologizes to Hayama yet again, for implying that he, in turn, ought to apologize to Sengoku-sensei. "Akito, just follow your own heart" she tells him. However, she warns him that if he fails his karate exam she'll never forgive him! Later, Fuka gets a phone call from former boyfriend Takaishi. "If you and Hayama are not compatible with each other, you're welcome to come back to me" he says. Back at school, Tsuyoshi mentions that he's heard that Hayama's practicing is keeping him and Fuka apart. "Is it really because of the karate exam?" he asks. "Ever since Sana-chan returned, you have been acting strange". At home, Hayama sees part of Sana's press conference on TV, and is upset. "She's only an arrogant girl," he tells himself, "slow and stupid. She just told me she likes me, and then goes missing"...
I wonder if "Riho" might be a play on Obana Miho, the creator of KnO. If I remember correctly, Takaishi might be the boyfriend Fuka had hoped to have until the story of Hayama stealing her first kiss back in kindergarten got around. The episode title is a reference to a line from Sana's script which summons up painful memories, and which she asks to have changed.

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