Kodomo no Omocha - 34: The Spirit Who Sings 3-2-1

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:34: The Spirit Who Sings 3-2-1
Rei wants Sana to do a special drama featuring two other 6th grade girl celebrities, Mayu-chan and Tomomi-chan. Taking after her mother/manager, Mayu is vain and stuck-up, feeling that she must outperform the others. She doesn't care about Tomomi, but resents Sana, especially when she finds Sana is already a good friend of their co-star Naozumi, who she has a crush on. She contemptuously suggests that Sana play the part of a dog, which Sana is glad to do and steals the scenes nevertheless. Sana invites everyone to a Birthday party for Zenjirou, but Mayu tosses her invitation in the trash...
Mayu turns out to be the stereotypical child who has sacrificed friends and happiness to please her parent(s), a personality I've noticed numerous times in various anime series--in fact, in the last week or so it turned up in Risky Safety, and Super Gals. She realises the mistake she has made, but exactly how and why wasn't particularly clear to me.

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