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Title Rating Synopsis
An Angel Flew Down to Me! Unevaluated See Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!
Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon Watch See Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai
Bibliophile Princess Unevaluated See Mushikaburi-hime
Black Summoner Rent See Kuro no Shoukanshi

Watch Ritsu Shikishima is a high school student with an interest in psychology, but even he can't explain the bizarre things that have been happening recently--like hearing a strange voice within a song, seeing weird things, or a wild melee at a graduation ceremony. What they all seem to have in common is a link to μ (Myu), a popular Idol.

Darwin's Game
Watch Despite the warnings of a friend, high schooler Kaname Sudou tries out the free cell phone app 'Darwin's Game'. Much to his horror, he finds himself trapped in a real-world fight-to-the-death competition between otherwise ordinary people who have somehow been given fantastic abilities known as 'Sigils'.

Grimms Notes the Animation
Unevaluated A team of adventurers deals with problems related to classic children's stories.

Watch Normal appearance, normal intelligence, normal in arts and sports... just normal. This is the entirely normal 14-year-old, Naru Sekiya. While she admires "Heroines" she continues to live a normal life until one moonlit night she meets a fairy. This foreign girl then guides her into the extraordinary world of the yosakoi dance.

Hortensia Saga
Unevaluated The Kingdom of Hortensia is rocked by an unexpected attack launched by Duke Lugis of Carmelia, which had previously been a trusted ally. The King is killed by the treachery and his heir, Princess Mariel, goes missing. After his father is killed defending the King young Alfred Ober must be a leader of his principality and help put things in order.

Isekai Yakkyoku
Watch After his sister died of cancer, Associate Professor Kanji Yakutani of the pharmaceutical department of T. University was driven to conduct research into the disease. Unfortunately, he worked so hard and so many hours that he was found dead in his office. But he finds himself resurrected as Falma de Medicis, an alternate world 10 year old nobleman who has just survived being struck by lightning. He is expected to become a magician/pharmacist, which he does with the help of his tutor, Eleonore 'Ellen' Bonnefoi and his maid, Charlotte 'Lotte' Soller.

Kuro no Shoukanshi
Rent Kelvin died due to a God's mistake and is now being sent to live in another world as compensation. He has no memory of his previous life but is assured by Melfina, the Goddess of Reincarnation, that he agreed to this. In fact, as a sort of divine vacation Melfina has agreed to serve as his guide and advisor for the time being.

Watch Yukina Shirahane is the daughter of an expert at the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute, which was created partly to study an inexplicable cube shaped object that was unearthed nearby during construction. While visiting her mother at the facility one day, Yukina is caught up in an attack on the lab by unidentified mobile suits and as a result is the first to discover just what the object's purpose is.
Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club Unevaluated See Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-Bu

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-Bu
Unevaluated Maiharu Hiromi needs to ride a bike to get to her new high school. But the last time she rode one, it had training wheels on it. Her experiences with a bike lead her to make new friends and join her school's girls cycling club.

Unevaluated Elianna Bernstein is the 14 year old daughter of a minor Duke of the Sauslind Kingdom. Like the rest of her family, she loves to read; she would much rather be left alone to read than to engage in the usual social activities. Then, out of the blue, heir to the throne Prince Christopher proposed to her. He says he wants a wife who is not involved in the usual power plays and infighting. Elianna was not particularly interested until Christopher mentioned that if she would become his fiance, Elianna would be granted access to the royal library.
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