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Mail Order Maiden 28
Watch Aiwa spends his days endlessly obsessing over a girl named Kozue, whom he can never have, and runs every chance encounter with her through his mind. To put his mind a little more at ease, Aiwa had ordered a little something special to brighten up those long nights, but it took so long to arrive that he totally forgot about it! When Aiwa opens his box, he finds out that technology is a little better than he bargained for, and Aiwa's in for the surprise of his life. Inside is Satomi, who is just about exactly what every man is looking for: loyal, pure-hearted, cheerful ... and utterly insatiable.
Sakura Diaries Watch See Sakura Tsuushin

Sakura Tsuushin
Watch Urara likes her cousin Touma. Touma likes Meiko. Meiko might like Touma, but Meiko will only date a college guy and does so frequently. So what's an underachiever like Touma to do? Well, if you're Touma, you'll lie and say you got into the most prestigious university possible. And, if you're Urara, will you keep his secret? Or will you use that secret to ruin his chances with the other girl?
The Dutch Wife Watch See Mail Order Maiden 28
桜通信 Watch See Sakura Tsuushin

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