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Title Rating Synopsis
Flame of Recca Rent See Rekka no Honoo

MAR - Heaven
Unevaluated A junior high school student keeps having these reoccurring dreams of adventures in a distant land of magic and fairy creatures. All of Kosi Ginta's classmates are used to his strange actions and ramblings, and they have great fun in teasing him about it. Only the cute Tomonia is willing to listen him, and offer him support. And then one day the classroom is beset with darkness, and a strange gate creature appears to offer him a door to another world. A world with witches, werewolves, and strange items called ARMs, which have been created by magic and bestow on the user special abilities.
Marchen Awakens Romance Unevaluated See MAR - Heaven

Rekka no Honoo
Rent 16 year old Hanabishi Recca meets a girl named Yanagi who has the power to heal. This power intrigues a dirty business man named Mori Kouran, who thirsts for immortality. Meanwhile, Recca finds out that he is actually a ninja flame master born 400 years ago, and his flame throwing half-brother, Kurei, wants him dead. Along with Fuko, a busty tomboy, Domon, a muscular oaf, and Mikagami, a loner who wants to avenge his sister's death, Recca enters a competition where they must fight the best elemental weapon users in the world. The last fight will be between Kurei and Recca...if he can stay alive until then.
烈火の炎 Rent See Rekka no Honoo

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