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ef - a tale of memories
Rent The story revolves around 2 sisters, Kei and Chihiro Shinou. Kei spends her mornings helping her 'Oni-chan' Hiro Hirono get up in the morning. But Hiro has started to see another girl named Miyako Miyamura who is a bit of a troubled student and Kei feels that she is a bad influence on him. But lately Kei has noticed someone following her around. Chihiro just stays at the train station and reads. One day a boy Renji stops by and starts talking to her. Chihiro likes this boy but she has a problem: About ten years ago she got into an accident and now cannot remember the previous day. Her only link to the past is a hand written diary that one of her previous selves has written.

Wind: A Breath of Heart TV
Watch Soon after their mother has been reported missing, a teenage Okano Makoto and his younger sister, Hinata, return to the city of their birth where life appears to be peaceful and everyone possesses some individual supernatural ability without questioning its origin. Their father died when they still were little kids.

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