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Rent Kanji Sasahara is a first year college student. He watches a lot of Anime and reads Manga. He was thinking of joining the Manga club when another student Makoto Kohsaka strikes up a conversation with them about joining. Kanji is embarrassed and leaves. Later he visits the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture (Aka a bunch of Otaku's). While alone in the club room, he looks up the skirt of a Haruka doll (KGNE), and is caught red handed flipping through their porn collection. He is so mortified, but finds out it was a form of Hazing and the other guys were just waiting nearby for the president to catch him in the 'act'!. "Now that we know we're the same kind" Genshiken member Madarame says, "how about you join us?"

Genshiken 2
Rent The continuing adventures of the university club known as "Genshiken" as older members graduate and leadership changes. What other changes are in store for this group of otaku friends?

Genshiken OVA
Buy A new school term has started and all of the university clubs are out to recruit new members. Genshiken is no exception to needing new members, should the anti-otaku Saki-san allow it. Genshiken gets two new members, both rejects from other clubs. Kuchiki, having been rejected by Saki-san the previous year, returns after leaving the anime club and everyone is stunned when Saki-san lets him in. The manga club then pawns off one of its troublesome female members, Ogiue-san. She states she hates otaku, especially female otaku with their "homo" obsession for yaoi and shounen ai materials. Despite this, she's there to join their club. Will Genshiken survive its two newest and strangest members?
The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture Rent See Genshiken

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