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I's Pure
Rent Seto Ichitaka-kun has always admired Yoshizuki Iori-chan from a distance. She is in the drama club and he's just a watcher that is almost a stalker. One day his best friend hands him a magazine that features up and coming stars and this month features Iori in many provocative poses! Ichitaka is stunned. Here the girl he likes is more worldly than he thought. In class that day they decide that two people are going to put on a play to welcome the freshmen class. The 2 people? Seto and Iori, of course. Too bad that during their project planning phase Ichitaka drops a photo composition of a nude body with Iori's head, right in front of this girl... and things don't exactly get easier when Akiba Itsuki, Seto's childhood friend and his self-acclaimed fiancé, returns from America to move in at the house of Ichitaka's family...

Sketchbook Full Color's
Watch Sora Kajiwara is a shy girl with an unusual way of looking at the world who enjoys drawing in her sketchbook. She joins the Art Club at her school and meets many colorful and eccentric people.
アイズピュア Rent See I's Pure
スケッチブック ~full color`s~ Watch See Sketchbook Full Color's

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