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Night Wizard
Rent Shihou Elis never got to know her parents; she grew up in an orphanage where she regularly received letters and white roses from some "oji-sama" who promised to protect her and meet her on her 17th birthday. Right after she transfered to her new high school, Kimei Academy, she's recruited by the Astronomy Club. Once there, she learns that both club members (and childhood friends) shrine maiden Akabane Kureha and sword fighter Renji Hiiragi-senpai (the latter being nicknamed "falling man"), are in fact powerful "Night Wizards". They work for an organization led by a girl named Anzelotto to protect the world against the Demon Lords' dark tribe, the Emulators (who are totally unaffected by human science). The strange bracelet Elis has owned since her childhood turns out to be the potential holder of seven magical gems and is said to enable its owner to open a gate to the demon world. This would allow the Night Wizards to counterattack them, and Elis turns out to be capable of locating the missing gems... if only things were that simple.
Sumomomo Momomo - The Strongest Bride on Earth Rent See Sumomomo Momomo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome

Sumomomo Momomo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome
Rent Koushi Inuzuka is a smart high school student who aims to become a public prosecutor. Unfortunately for our good guy, he was born into a martial arts family whose head (ie his father) only knows one language: violence. When Koushi was still a baby, his father made a pact with his biggest rival to marry Koushi to his opponent-turned-friend`s daughter. The union of the two blood lines is supposed to bring forth Earth`s strongest martial arts clan.
すもももももも ~地上最強のヨメ~ Rent See Sumomomo Momomo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome
ナイトウィザード The ANIMATION (Japanese) Rent See Night Wizard

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