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R.O.D OVA Buy See Read or Die (OVA)
R.O.D. Buy See Read or Die (OVA)

Read or Die (OVA)

The series opens with an attack upon the White House by a mysterious man of awesome powers. It turns out, though, that what he was really looking for was the Library of Congress! Meanwhile, Tokyo substitute teacher Yomiko Readman is a young woman who cannot stop reading books. She goes into bookstores that have her face on the wall ('Our #1 Customer') While in some exclusive bookstore (Members Only) she finds an original copy of an extremely rare book entitled Immortal Beloved. While reading it a strange man riding a giant grasshopper shows up and steals it! Yomiko gets very angry and spontaneously generates a giant string of paper which she hurls at the mantis, locking it to the ground! Confused, another man walks up to her and says, 'Oh it's you, Agent Paper'.

ROD Buy See Read or Die (OVA)

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