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Blue Period
Rent Yatora Yaguchi excels in school and is well-liked by his peers, but inside he's a high school boy grappling with emptiness and frustration. That is, until one day when he finds himself fascinated by a painting. The painting's impact drives Yatora to throw himself into the harsh and beautiful world of art.

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter
Rent Cestus is a teenage slave who has been chosen to become a boxer in 1st Century AD Rome. Boxing in this era is a brutal and merciless sport, in which the loser of a fight may be put to death if the audience demands it. This repels Cestus, but he has little choice. His only hopes are that his owner has promised to free any slave who wins 100 fights, and he catches the eye of Emperor Nero himself.
セスタス -The Roman Fighter- Rent See Cestvs: The Roman Fighter
ブルーピリオド Rent See Blue Period

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