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Title Rating Synopsis
Chojiki Seiki Orguss 2 Rent See Orguss 02
Choujikuu Seiki Orguss Watch See Orguss

Watch In the year 2062 A.D., Earth's two superpowers are battling over the Orbital Elevator, a structure which could shift the balance of Earth's political and economic climate. Lt. Kei Katsuragi is a fighter pilot taking part in an attempt to destroy the elevator using the awesome Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. But plans go wrong, and Kei is caught in the detonation of the bomb. He is hurled 20 years into the future, leaving him in an unfamiliar world.

Orguss 02
Rent Somewhere in the future Earth is dominated by the two great empires of Revilia and Zafrin, which are on the verge of war. Technology seems to be equivalent to the mid-20th century, except that powerful military robots, called "Decimators", are being recovered from the sites where they have been at rest for hundreds of years. They still work, and have set an arms race in motion. The main charachter, Lean, is a young man who starts out working with a salvage crew that is recovering a decimator from the sea. During an attempt to destroy the decimator, he saves the life of an influential officer of the Imperial Guard, who takes him under his wing. Thus begins a roller-coaster ride of adventure, involving spies, war, political intrigue, and the mystery of the origin of the decimators.
Super Dimension Century Orguss Watch See Orguss
Super Dimension Century Orguss Two Rent See Orguss 02

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