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Title Rating Synopsis
Comedy Buy See Kigeki
God Family Rent See Kamisama Kazoku

Kamisama Kazoku
Rent At first glance, Kamiyama Samataro might look like an average 2nd year high school student, but he has to work very hard to maintain that image and keep his family secrets hidden. Even with Tenko, his childhood friend, looking after him, things are always going wrong. Not that it is really Tenko’s fault, she is Samataro's guardian Angel and being an Angel, she does not understand what it means to be human. It Samataro’s parents that are impossible and tend to be the cause of a lot of his troubles. His father is a God who is not beyond lending his son a bit of magical help, but his mother is no better. She is Goddess with no shame or modesty, who likes to dress up as a high school cheerleader to show her favor for her eldest son. Samataro’s sisters are at least understanding and usually helpful. While they are goddess candidates with special powers, they are the same situation as he is and are having to put up with their parents decision to have their kids learn about normal people by spending time living in the human world.

Buy During Ireland’s struggle for independence from England, a five-year old girl goes to the mysterious Demon’s Castle, hoping to recruit the services of the Black Swordsman, a mysterious young man skilled in the use of the sword. She wants the swordsman to protect her village from a small army of English soldiers who will attack her village in a few days. However, the Black Swordsman will only accept a particular genre of books as payment for his services.

Xenosaga - The Animation
Rent A couple thousand years after humans left the Earth, technology advanced beyond our expectatio:, cyborgs that feel human emotions, wireless network everywhere in the universe, huge robots (gears), advanced weaponry, and warp gates. However, humans are also faced with a new enemy: Gnosis. The Gnosis are an alien life form. Little is known about them and their intentions, other than the fact that they are at war with the humans. The hardest part about fighting them is that most objects can't even touch them, so lazers, bullets, and bombs which pass right through them without doing any damage, are of little value. But more advanced weapons are being developed.
Xenosaga: The Animation Rent See Xenosaga - The Animation
ゼノサーガ THE ANIMATION Rent See Xenosaga - The Animation
喜劇 (Japanese) Buy See Kigeki
神様家族 (Japanese) Rent See Kamisama Kazoku

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