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After School Dice Club Unevaluated See Houkago Saikoro Club

Houkago Saikoro Club
Unevaluated Miki has a problem: she doesn't understand the concept of 'fun'. She's 'uncomfortable with the things other people enjoy' and 'can't get interested in things that interest everyone'. One day, she makes a new friend, Aya, who has an unconventional attitude towards enjoyment. After spending an afternoon together getting intentionally lost, they run into their class president, Midori, on her way to her part-time job. They find that she works at The Saikoro Club, a board gaming outfit which carries exotic games from Europe and elsewhere. Perhaps playing games of this sort will be just the route to fun that Miki has been looking for.
放課後さいころ倶楽部 Unevaluated See Houkago Saikoro Club

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