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GS Girl Buy See Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl
Buy Welcome to the Social Welfare Department, also known as Section 2. On the surface, the workers of Section 2 travel from hospital to hospital looking for little girls that have been in serious accidents and are in danger of dying. The MUST not have any surviving family. They take the girls to their special hospital and cure them. Their TRUE purpose is much more sinister. Section 2 is the home of a bunch of Ex Intelligence and Military Personnel and the Gunslinger Girls. Little Girls who have been Altered by Technology to have faster reflexes, perfect hearing and eyesight, and nearly indestructible bodies. They are the assasins of the government, working in the shadows to ensure that the politicians are happy, and therefore no one knows of their existence. Each girl is paired with a handler to which they have sworn absolute loyalty, and are officially known as Fratellos. But technology has a price, and it's something that each little girl has to pay. And sometimes the price can be high.
Gunslinger Girls Buy See Gunslinger Girl

Peach Girl
Rent Momo is a high school girl with rich dark skin and red hair, which makes her look like a fashionable partygirl. She is swimmer and the sun and pool bleach have given her a distinctive look - a look that has everyone assuming the worst of her. However, she is really a nice shy girl, but none of her classmates understand her. She has had a secret love for Toji since they were in junior high. Along comes Kairi, one of the most popular guys in school, who appears to be attracted to Momo. Sae looks totally opposite to Momo; she has a white skin, and looks delicate. In spite of Sea's looks, she is a bad girl who keeps stealing other girl's boyfriends. What will become of Momo's fondness for Toji? Will Kairi every stop chasing her? And the malicious Sae is certain to try to mess things up.

Terraformars (TV)
Rent Twenty years ago, Shokichi Komachi was part of the Bugs 2 mission to Mars that discovered Terra Formars, human-cockroach hybrids that resulted from a terraforming accident. Shokichi was one of only two survivors. Now, the AE virus that came from Mars is raging wildly on earth. Shokichi boards the spacecraft Annex 1 to go back to Mars to find a sample in order to create a vaccine. They will face an unanticipated accident, a multinational conspiracy, and even more advanced Terra Formars.
Terraformars 00-01 THE ENCOUNTER Rent See Terraformars OVAs
Terraformars 00-02 UNDEFEATED Rent See Terraformars OVAs

Terraformars OVAs
Rent A two-episode account of what happened during the BUGS 2 mission prior to Terraformars (TV).

Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo
Watch The story revolves around Ryouko Yakushiji, a 27-year-old multilingual investigator that graduated from Tokyo University's elite Department of Law, and the bizarre cases she faces while working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Yakushiji not only has to deal with supernatural beings in her line of work, but also her rival Yukiko Muromachi, another equally talented and beautiful police investigator.
Yakushiji Ryoko's Case File Watch See Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo
テラフォーマーズ Rent See Terraformars (TV)
テラフォーマーズ (Japanese) Rent See Terraformars OVAs
ピーチガール Rent See Peach Girl
薬師寺涼子の怪奇事件簿 Watch See Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo

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