List Titles with KIMURA Juri

Title Rating Synopsis
Honest Unevaluated See Seiren
Libra of Nil Admirari Unevaluated See Nil Admirari no Tenbin

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku
Watch Eruna Ichinomiya is a lackadaisical high schooler who enrolls at the Mikagura Academy more to please her yuri tendencies than to learn anything. However, she finds that the school operates via a strange culture of dueling cultural clubs, which she soon finds herself entangled in.
Mikagura School Suite Watch See Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

Nil Admirari no Tenbin
Unevaluated In the 1930s, Tsugumi Kuze is the heiress of a wealthy family that has fallen on hard times. She agrees to an arranged marriage in order to turn the family's fortunes around. But when her brother meets a horrifying fate, she learns of the 'Imperial Library Intelligence Asset Management Bureau', a secret unit which deals with cursed books that can possess their owners. What's more, the Bureau members discover that Kuze has a unique talent that would be of great use to them, and attempt to recruit her.

Unevaluated Shouchi Kamita is a high school teenager who is just starting to take his plans for a life and career seriously. As he attends an elite summer break cram school, he finds himself becoming involved with three different girls.

Shirobako (TV)
Buy Five girls chase their dreams. The story revolves around the everyday troubles and hardships that occur when working in the anime industry, and the results and conflicts that happen day-to-day among the group of girls.
White Box (literal translation) Buy See Shirobako (TV)
セイレン Unevaluated See Seiren
ニル・アドミラリの天秤 Unevaluated See Nil Admirari no Tenbin
ミカグラ学園組曲 (Japanese) Watch See Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

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